Delivery & Shipping

GORITE SDN BHD is only half the journey. Arguably the more important task is delivering your new purchase to you. To ensure you receive your new purchased products quickly and as safely as possible, we have covered a variety of shipping details which are explained below.

Delivery FAQs

Where does GORITE SDN BHD deliver to?

We currently ship to any address both local and international.

How will my item(s) be delivered?

All GORITE SDN BHD products will be delivered and handled by our skilled in-house delivery team and/or by our trusted specialist delivery partners.

Is there any delivery restriction?

Please remember that it is your responsibility to check that your item(s) will fit through doors, staircases and lifts in their packaging before you place your order. You can find measurements for all of our products here on the website.

Delivery Rate

Here at GORITE SDN BHD Living, we offer competitive delivery pricing on all our products to make your shopping experience simple.

To find out more about our delivery rates, please contact for more details. In the place where FREE SHIPPING is applicable, customers are only eligible for only one (1) FREE SHIPPING per order.

Arrival Date and Delivery Duration

How long does it take for my item(s) to arrive?

GORITE SDN BHD brings in our products from all over the world to you, we have to make sure every product is checked by our strict quality control before it reaches you. Thus, every product has its own lead time.

Many times we have extra pieces of our most popular collections which means we can do express shipping for certain products because they are in stock in our warehouse.

When can I expect my item(s) to be delivered?

The estimated delivery time is provided upon request.

Can I decide when my item(s) is/are to be delivered?

Absolutely! As explained above, the delivery arrangement can be made based on the latest estimated arrival date of your purchased items. Also, this is available upon request.

Should you have special requests for us to hold purchased items for longer than usual period in our warehouse, please contact and our team will be more than happy to assist where possible.

Delivery Policy

Why does my delivery arrangement have to be based on latest estimated arrival date of my purchased items?

For the convenience of our customers, we group all order items to be dispatched together. Thus, when arranging your delivery date with our customer service team, it is best to take the item with latest estimated arrival date and use that to arrange the delivery date of your order.

Do I get my item(s) in one delivery?

Yes, in order to help you save costs, we will consolidate all order items to be delivered together.

Can I arrange different delivery dates for my order?

If you have purchased items that had varying estimated arrival date on the website and you wish to receive select pieces earlier, please contact and our team will be more than happy to assist where possible.

However, please note that customers are only eligible for only one (1) FREE SHIPPING per order.

Occasionally, we may deliver your item(s) to you separately due to the nature of the products. If such need arises, our friendly customer service team will make an arrangement with you prior to delivery. Of course, separate delivery due to this reason will not charge an additional delivery cost.

What if I forgot my scheduled delivery time?

Worry not! We understand you are busy with your important commitments, our customer service team will contact you via your preferred communication channel three (3) days before your scheduled delivery time to remind you.

On the day of your scheduled delivery time, we will kindly give you a nudge to get you prepared too.

What if I miss my delivery?

GORITE SDN BHD does not take responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete order details including delivery address, contact details or email has given upon purchase and the subsequent failure of delivery as a result.

If our delivery team has attempted to deliver your item(s) by the confirmed delivery time, you will be contacted before abandoning their mission to deliver your order to you. Arrangement must be made before the goods are re-dispatched to you.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, change to delivery time should be informed to our friendly customer service team at least three (3) days before scheduled delivery time to avoid additional charges.

What if I have last minute change to my scheduled delivery date?

Any changes made within three (3) days of scheduled delivery time will be charged accordingly base on estimated delivery date. Please contact and our team will work our best to try to accommodate your change.