Hub HB200


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Product Type 24PCs Dinner Set
Pattern Hub Porcelain Tableware
Tags Dinner Set, Tea Set
N5801   DINNER PLATE 28.5×29.5 CM. (4 PCs)
N5802 SALAD PLATE 23.0×23.5 CM. (4 PCs)
N5806 COFFEE CUP 0.26 L. (4 PCs)
N5808 COFFEE CUP SAUCER 16.5×17.5 CM. (4 PCs)
N5817/L  COFFEE & TEA POT 1.20 L. (1 PCs)
N5818/L SUGAR BOWL 0.26 L. (1 PCs)
N5819   CREAMER 0.32 L. (1 PCs)
N5826   SALAD BOWL 22.5×24.5 CM. (1 PCs)
N5827 CEREAL BOWL 17.5×18.5 CM. (4 PCs)


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